It’s not about me. It’s about YOU.

Your prospects, your customers, your audience, and your fans.

Delivering a message that represents what you, your product,
your service, and your company stand for…and positioning you
as the ONLY option in the marketplace…

Is the priority and the goal.

Because when you accomplish this, your competition becomes irrelevant.

So, here’s a little background about me to give you some perspective.

My company is 1 Big Idea Marketing. The focus is direct response
copy and marketing consulting.

I consistently create high-­converting launch and funnel copy
for my current and longtime clients. 98% of my work is referral based.
I truly like my clients and enjoy working with them.
The relationship is synergistic, collaborative, and typically
long term.

I create copy for a host of industries and niches:

Real estate, investors, personal growth and development, mortgage and
finance, doctors, chiropractors, attorneys, professionals, energy workers,
small businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations, spiritual healers, coaches,
mentors, and speakers.

Strengths include marketing strategy and copy for product creation,
launches, funnels, landing pages, sales pages, email marketing, webinars,
video sales letters, and on-camera sales and content scripts.

I spent years in the Hollywood entertainment industry, writing copy
and producing commercials, press kits, promos, and sales reels for
movies and television.

I wrote and produced hundreds of promos, commercials, and TV and
radio spots for all the major studios, cable networks, and production
houses, including:

Paramount, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Sony, Columbia, Universal,
Disney, NBC, ABC, CBS, E!, Fox Kids, Fox Sports, the nightly news,
Saban, and many others.

I had a great time writing and producing scads of commercials and promos
for the hit TV shows Seinfeld, Frasier, Grace Under Fire, and Roseanne.

I also wrote and produced EPKs (electronic press kits), film trailers,
and ‘Behind the Scenes’ dvd featurettes for such feature films as Disney’s
‘Oliver Twist,’ ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘Billy Elliott,’ and others.

Prior to my foray into Hollywood, I made a living as standup comic
for 15 years, doing gigs in clubs across the country and on cruise ships.

I also wrote 12 screenplays, several of which were optioned.

My years of experience as a standup comedian, screenwriter, and
as a Hollywood film and television writer/producer helped me
to tell compelling stories and create copy that SELLS.

Let me know how I can help and support you and your business
with copy that converts.