Here’s the thing…

When it comes to laughs, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone funnier than standup comedian Brian Regan.

Brian is the comic OTHER comics step inside the room to watch…his die-hard fans include Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, Patton Oswalt, and host of others.

And that’s because you do nothing BUT laugh when you watch Brian perform his magic onstage. Laughs that come from deep down in your belly.  Achingly funny.



  • 4:20     The BEST advice Brian ever got (a life-changer)…and it came from his college football coach!
  • 8:40     LIVE onstage: How a comedian’s #1 NIGHTMARE became the defining moment for a super-successful career
  • 15:30   What Brian had to learn the hard way to get his act together…because some audience members can be ANIMALS 
  • 17:20   What pushed Brian to take his show on the road…and it ain’t pretty
  • 29:40   Working ‘clean’ vs working ‘dirty’…the REAL reason Brian chose one over the other
  • 36:50   Take it to the Limit: How to make that joke 1% funnier
  • 54:54   The secrets to Brian’s writing and storytelling style…and how to win the crowd
  • 68:00   The ONE question Brian wishes an interviewer would ask him (HINT: it involves a prize)